Organization Achievement

1. “My Development through my effort” with this concept we have started village health committees in all gram panchayats in first time in Jamakhandi taluka of Bagalkot district during the implementation of KHPT program. Then this VHC model extended to another 12 districts of KHPT. Presentation made by KHPT during world conference held at Kube city of Japan about VHC. After this VHC concept model has implemented as VHSC in NRHM programme in whole over the country.

2. We have conducted 3 free health camps for orphan and vulnerable all children in Jamakhandi taluka at Hunnur, Chikkalaki cross and Jamakhandi of Bagalkot district with the support of KHPT and health department with local leverage.

3. In the year 1999 to till today organization raised its voice in Bagalkot and Bijapur both the districts about anti child marriages. And made advocacy to state Govt. and Women and Child Development. We brought the force and succeeded in increasing the penalty and punishment under child marriage amendment act. Organization senior staff have worked as members in state level anti child marriage committee which is formed in the chairmanship of honorable supreme court retired justice Dr. Shivaraj Patil. Until the erradication of child marriages organization works for protection of the child rights.

4. Ujwala has started rehabilitation centre named Namma Makkala Dhama at Muttur RC center at Kankanwadi cross at Jamkhandi taluka of Bagalkot district for the HIV affected orphan children with the co-ordination of KHPT in the year 2008 of April 14. At the same time VHCs and rotary have supported to NMD. In last six years we have rehabilitated 72 OVC children in their nearest relatives with the help of local people, officers, Ujwala volunteers and local donors. This is the model centre in the nation which is running by the community support. On 19th August 2012 this center shifted to Bijapur which is constructed by Ujwala in padaganur village area which is geographically centre in Bijapur district. It comes on the high way No-218 (on the road Bijapur to Gulbarga). Only needed children will be rehabilitated here. This has built without the help of Government. KHPT senior officials, state level child rights activists & local people have also supported personally. Under Nammuru project organization is running Namma Makkala Dhama. Now at present 10 HIV affected orphan OVC children are staying with us. Organization is providing six core components like; nutrition, health, shelter, accommodation, protection & psyco-social support.